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For Callaway Construction of All Shapes and Sizes

In constructing a new building in Callaway, you’re probably looking at having to hire several different teams of contractors – one for the construction, one for the roof, and so on and so on. To take care of multiple birds with the same stone, Bowk Construction Inc has full-featured contracting services that take care of multiple aspects with a single team.

At Bowk Construction Inc, our primary services are construction and roofing work for both residential and commercial clients. That means we’re able to handle everything from a new home construction to installing a high quality asphalt roof for business and industrial locations in Callaway. No matter what your construction or roofing needs, we’re the local team that can ensure your work goes off without a hitch.

To be a multi-faceted Callaway construction company, Bowk Construction Inc relies on the expertise of our individual team members, many of which have been with us for a decade or more. With their combined knowledge, our signature attention to detail, and a full inventory of tools, materials, and more, we have the technical ability to take your project every step of the way, from starting design to the last shingle nail.

Stop playing contractor roulette in Callaway. Call Bowk Construction Inc at 407-986-9246 and get everything you need under a single roof.