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Guaranteed, reliable roofing by Davenport’s premium company.

A New Level of Construction Quality in Davenport

Constructions and roofing in Davenport come in various shades of quality. However, the problem is that knowing which contractor to choose can be a major gamble and it can be nearly impossible to change horses midstream. At Bowk Construction Inc, we invite you to take a look at our local workmanship and compare it to other contractors in the area. We believe you’ll like what you see.

From our construction standpoint, Bowk Construction Inc stands behind all the work we do with a full 10-year building warranty that protects your valuable investment. We’re able to offer that impressive guarantee in Davenport because we only use the best building materials, including many that come with a lifetime warranty. Combining the best possible materials with our unsurpassed building and roofing knowledge means you know you’re getting a great final product.

Bowk Construction Inc roofing installations and new constructions are custom tailored to fit your needs and work with any type of Davenport building, from homes to large industrial complexes. After first assessing your property and the work to be done, we’ll send over an official quote with our best price for your approval.

For a roofing and construction company in Davenport that finally gets it right, Bowk Construction Inc is your partner. Give us a call at 407-986-9246 for more information.