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Damaged roofs in Lakeland and new installations are our specialty.

Experienced Lakeland Roofing Contractors

Every day that your Lakeland roof isn’t ready creates a problem. Whether it’s property damage from excessive leaking or simply not being able to use your residential or commercial building while waiting for a roof installation to be completed, the job needs to be finished and it needs to be finished now. Bowk Construction Inc offers on time, efficient roof repairs and installations that let you use your property exactly as it was intended.

Being able to complete Lakeland roofing jobs on time starts with honesty. When we discuss your project, we’ll give you an accurate time frame for the work to be done, unlike other local roofers that often overpromise and underdeliver. With Bowk Construction Inc, you’ll have a realistic completion date and a hard-working crew that will do everything in their power to meet your deadline.

Bowk Construction Inc roofing services fall into two main categories – repairs and installations. With the former, we’ll take care of the problems your roof is facing, whether it’s simply fixing a single broken piece or a more complex storm damage repair job. For our Lakeland roof installations, we’ll help you decide on the perfect material and then execute your build with zero snags.

Don’t let your roofing work in Lakeland drag on for days and weeks. Call 407-986-9246 and get the Bowk Construction Inc solution now.