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All Our Tampa Roofing is Done In-House

Call what you think is a local roofer or construction company in Tampa and you may be redirected to a national dispatcher. That’s because many so-called “local” companies are in fact nothing more than national dispatchers that skim a profit by redirecting your roofing or building work. At Bowk Construction Inc, we’re the real deal and everything from answering the phones to providing top quality architectural design is done in-house.

Bowk Construction Inc specializes in construction of all kinds as well as roofing repairs and installations in Tampa. Experienced and with a 10-year building warranty that few other constructors will match, we’ve been providing the local South Florida region with impressive work that truly stands the test of time, even against heavy winds and adverse weather. We’ll prepare your property for the worst that Mother Nature can bring.

The backbone of our Tampa roofing and construction business has always been our transparent and affordable pricing. Because we want you to be comfortable knowing you’re not overpaying, we’ll break down each cost to ensure you can easily compare our bids to other companies. With a value that exceeds other roofers and constructors, we’re confident you’ll pick Bowk Construction Inc.

Step up to a local, Tampa roofing and construction contractor that takes ownership of your project. Contact Bowk Construction Inc by dialing 407-986-9246 today.